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Just because your computer is acting up doesn't mean it needs to be replaced.  Would you buy a new car just because your brakes were making noise?  Most computer components can be replaced reasonably; it's just a matter of figuring out the problem(s) and assessing a cost.  If you value money saving at all, it's at least worth having your computer looked at by a professional who can give you the information needed to make a well-educated decision.

Computer Upgrades - Bel Air Computer Guy


Many machines can be upgraded as opposed to replaced.  It really depends on what you spent at the time of purchase.  If you went ahead and bought "more than you needed" in the interest of "future proofing", then there's a high likelihood we can upgrade with what you have.  Conversely, if you purchased a bare bones budget computer, it might make more sense to replace.  Rest assured, we're experts with your best interest at heart, and can advise you on your options - honestly.

Transfer Files and Photos to New Computer - Bel Air Computer Guy

Transfer Files & Photos

When you change computers, you'll likely want to bring your files and pictures with you to the new machine.  Many people have their stuff on "the cloud", but can you be certain everything is backed up and you won't lose anything?  We can.

New Computer Setup and Customization

New Computer Setup

New computers are set up from the factory with a "one size fits all" mentality.  They are loaded with all sorts of programs from companies they have partnerships with.  In this business, we call these programs "bloatware".  We can remove this software and set up your new purchase just how you like.

Virus and Malware Removal - Bel Air Computer Guy

Virus & Malware Removal

Viruses and Malware have never been more prevalent on the internet.  You don't necessarily have to open a questionable email either.  The crooks are getting smarter and smarter.  They are coming up with programs to take advantage of you like "Ransomware".  Next thing you know, your files are locked away from unless you pay thousands of dollars to get them back.  It's important to be able to recover from such an incident and we've got just the tools.

Computer Tune Up - Bel Air Computer Guy

PC Tune Up & Optimization

Is your computer running slow?  The truth is, even brand new computers can benefit from some level of optimization.  That's because the default settings and software aren't designed with performance in mind.  Think about it... If your computer ran lightning fast out of the box, that'd take away the opportunity for retailers to sell you "PC Doctor" software and the likes.  We can clean out your system and have it running better than it did new.

Computer Networking and Network Security - Bel Air Computer Guy

Networking & Network Security

Networks are everywhere.  Use your phone, right now, and scan for networks. I bet there are no fewer than 10.  Networking -especially wireless- is extremely convenient, but convenience is usually paid for with privacy.  It's important that your network is set up with security as the corner stone.  Bel Air Computer Guy can make your networks secure AND convenient.

Computer Consulting - Bel Air Computer Guy

Systems & Network Consulting

If you are in need of a new computer, a whole department of new computers and a plan to network everything together, securely, we can help.  There's a lot that goes into planning.  It's a delicate balancing act to make sure you get the performance, speed and security you need, without over-buying or over-paying.  We can guide you every step of the way.

Computer Lessons - Bel Air Computer Guy

Computer & Tablet Lessons

One of our main objectives is to take the "elitism" out of computer help.  It is my firm belief that computers should be accessible by everyone, not just the "computer literate" of us.  Actually I hate that term.  Everyone is computer literate, just as all of us can read, just some of us have not been taught.  We offer personal and group lessons on everything from Google to email to zoom and facetime, and everything in between, and I promise you'll feel welcome.

Custom Business Websites - Bel Air Computer Guy


Just started a business or are considering?  In this day and age you absolutely MUST have a website.  We can build attractive, functional websites, which will be indexed by Google so you get search traffic.  I think you'll find our custom website pricing to be very competitive and the quality speaks for itself.  Here are some examples of our work (and of course, this site):