Broken and unhappy laptop

all laptops are fixable.

Instead of adding your sad, broken laptop to the local landfill, bring it to us for a proper assessment so you fully understand your options. We can repair any problem on any laptop – all brands, all models!

don’t be embarrassed, we’ve seen everything!

  • Liquid damage
  • Cracked screen
  • Thrown from a car
  • Beeping at you
  • Electrical surge
  • Keyboard smashed
  • Won’t turn on
  • Burning smell
  • Dog Chewed
  • Bird Pecked
  • Kid Damage
  • Everything else
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Expert MacBook & Windows Laptop Repair

Bel Air Computer Guy fixes all laptops. Every model, every brand. Bring any of your laptops, and we’ll accurately and quickly diagnose the problem(s) you’re having. We’re your one-stop shop for all MacBook and Windows repairs!

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All Repairs Done In-House

Some shops send out their repair work to another location or third party – not us! You can have confidence that who you drop off your laptop with, is who will be working on it. Privacy and security is guaranteed at Bel Air Computer Guy.

Fast Turnaround – Guaranteed

We aim to get the initial diagnosis/assessment completed and shared with you the same day you drop off, or the following business day. We won’t leave you without your computer for weeks on end.

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Why Do Laptops Fail More Often Than Desktop Computers?

Most modern laptops have similar computing power as desktop computers. The problem is that power=heat and heat=failure. For portability reasons, laptops have to stuff all of these components into a small chassis with inferior air flow which causes more heat buildup and consequently, a higher failure rate.

Our Approach to Laptop Repair

Computers are complicated, and laptops are full-size computers squished into portable containers. Every laptop repair is unique and accurate diagnosis is imperative. We vigorously troubleshoot our laptops until we’re absolutely certain what is causing the issue(s) – we never guess.

Bel Air Computer Guy Laptop Diagnostic

Ask a question!

Have a question about your laptop? Send us a message using this form and we’ll respond as quickly as possible. If text or calling is better for you, call or text (443) 369-6000!