the most common questions are:

What’s your level of experience?

I built my first computer in 1987 and have been deeply involved in hardware and software ever since.

How much do you charge?

All of our in-office work is priced as a complete job – one flat rate. We don’t charge by the hour (unless it’s performed on-site) and we don’t jack up your bill once the job is complete. Our estimates are always accurate, always fair and always guaranteed to be the same price when you pick up, as you were told when you dropped off.

What’s your favorite movie?

Christmas Vacation, obviously.

Is your pricing competitive?

Absolutely. But I’d rather call it “attractive”. I’m not really out to try and beat someone else with lower prices. My focus is on quality work, done correctly. That said, by comparison to large box stores, I think you’ll find my estimates to your liking.

I’m a small business. Do you make office calls?

Yes! While we do charge an hourly rate for work performed on-site, we realize some work can only be done in person, on-site and we accommodate.

It’s beeping and won’t turn on. How much does that cost?

I don’t know, computers are quite complex. Sometimes there’s more than one problem. Sometimes it’s a software problem and others, a hardware issue. There is no way for me to estimate a cost without proper diagnosing of the problem(s).

I’m not confident to reconnect my computer. Will you do it?

No problem! All those wires can be quite intimidating. We can pick up and deliver, which includes disconnection and re-connection. Note* There is a fee for this service.

Why not just go to a big box store?

There are a number of reasons I’d point out, but here’s my top 3:

1 – No personal connection – When you take your computer to a large retailer for service, you’re dropping it off with whoever happens to be working at the counter at that time.  When you call to check up a couple of days later, will that be their day off?  Did they quit?  Where are they? When you bring your computer to me, you’re bringing it to one person.  You want an update?  Text, call or email me.  You never have to worry about matching a name to a face or trying to explain the conversation you had with employee ‘A’ to employee ‘B’.

2 – High prices – Large retail chains are all about their bottom line.  Although they pay their talented, intelligent and brilliant young men and women low hourly wages, they’ve got a big store to pay for, and they pass that on to you. I don’t have a large store or team of employees to pay for.  My inexpensive operating circumstances reflect in my pricing. 

3 – Large Retail stores generally don’t make actual repairs in house – If your computer has anything more wrong with it than a virus or needing pictures to be transferred to another machine, these big box stores send the repair out to their national repair facility.  Who knows who’s working on your PC there, or worse yet, who’s scouring your data, pictures etc., violating your privacy. When you bring your computer to me, I’m the one fixing it.  Regardless of how simple or involved the service may be, I’m the one doing it.  I diagnose the problems, I create the repair invoices, I call you with the report, I fix it, it’s all me.  Best yet, I understand the importance of privacy and I respect yours.