You don't have to buy a new one.

Serving Harford County & Surrounding Areas

Your personal computer repair in Bel Air MD. We provide computer services to all of Harford County and the surrounding areas.  Computer repair, consulting, networking, updates, viruses, you name it.  No job is too small!

Fixed Correctly the First Time

Accurate initial diagnosis is critical when comparing repair vs replace cost.   We charge a flat fee to diagnose problems and upon completion, provide an honest assessment of your computer, along with a resolution and all associated costs.

We Offer Pickup & Delivery

My mother is terrified of the cables behind her computer. I swore, one day I would put that fear to rest. I will personally disconnect your machine and then upon delivery, reconnect it – all while showing you what I’m doing and teaching.

(Some of) Our Services


If it's broken, we can fix it. If the cost to repair is unreasonable relative to the cost to buy new, we'll be certain to make you aware. we're always honest and your best interest is our focus. Many times we can "freshen up" a computer with upgrades, saving you money in the long term.


New PC's don't come set up the way you're used to. Matter of fact, they come loaded with junk you don't want. "subscribe to xyz if you want your family to be safe on the internet" - it's everywhere on new PC's.  We clean all that garbage off so you can enjoy your purchase.  Further, we can move over the files from your old machine to the new one and you won't lose a single file or memory.


The internet is full of viruses and your computer becoming infected is easier than you might think. I can rid your machine of its viruses and information-stealing malware.


Does your Sony Playstation or Microsoft XBOX need its HDMI port replaced?  We replace HDMI ports on all game consoles, televisions, you name it - if its got a broken HDMI port and needs a new one, we do it.  Not only that, but we replace charging ports, USB ports and any other circuit board problem.  We're Jedis in the ways of soldering.


You walk into the box store to buy a new PC and there are 50 choices.  Which one's right for you?  How do you know if what you're looking at is more PC than you need?  Conversely, is your top choice going to be outdated in 2 years?  I can answer all of these questions, pointing you to your best bet, and I do it free.  Why?  You'd help me if I needed advice.


Computers slow down over time, and they do so for many reasons.  We optimize your settings, clear out junk, update all software and make sure your machine is running at it's optimal performance level.